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Felt Christmas Stockings- Free Patterns & Tutorial

22 November 2011

I made new stockings this year since our family has grown and we didn't have a stocking for Charlie. Our last stockings were rather fancy, and were made from tweed jackets I bought at the thrift store, but this year I decided to go with my favorite craft medium – felt! I love felt! It is so easy to work with, and always comes out looking amazing! After searching online for some fun ideas, I came up with these.

All these patterns are free. You may use them to make items for sale, but you may not sell the patterns. Thanks for being considerate! Also, please check out my sidebar for other tutorials and patterns!

  • 1/3 yard felt for the main body of the stocking
  • 1/4 yard or less of embellishment felt
  • fabric scissors
  • matching thread
  • 1/3 yard cotton fabric (for lining)
  • sewing pins
  • printed stocking pattern
  • tape

1. Cut out the stocking pattern and tape the edges together (click on the images below to enlarge and print).

2. Using the pattern, cut out 2 stockings from your felt.

3. Depending on the style of stocking you wish to make, cut out the necessary embellishments. Here are some guides that you may find helpful. Just click on the diagram to enlarge.
  • For the zig-zag stocking you will need to cut out 7 zig zags. Length may vary from the picture shown.
  • For the circle stocking you will need to cut out 47 (1.25 inch) circles. I used the bottom of a medicine cup as my pattern)
  • For the criss-ross stocking you will need 5 (1 inch) strips and 4 (0.5 inch strips)
  • For the ruffle stocking you will need 4 (1.5 inch) ruffles and 3 (1 inch) ruffles

4. Once all your embellishments are cut out, pin them to the stocking. Reference the diagrams above for spacing measurements. Also, I did not pre-sew my ruffles before sewing them to the stocking, but you can if it will make it easier to sew.

5. Sew your embellishments to the stocking front.

  • zig-zag – sew 1/8" from the top and bottom edge of each zig-zag. The best way to do this is to sew along the line until you reach the peak of a zig zag. At the peak, leave the needle in the felt, lift the presser foot and adjust your fabric to sew down the next line. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the zig-zag.

  • circles – sew a running stitch down the middle of the line of circles. 

  • criss-cross – sew 1/8" on each edge of the 1" strips. Sew down the middle of the  1/2" strip. 

  • ruffles – sew down the middle of the ruffle.

6.Trim overhanging pieces. 

7. Next, take your two stocking sides and pin them RIGHT sides together. Sew a 1/4" seam around the edge. Leave the top edge un-sewn.

8. Clip small triangles around the curved sides of the stocking, such as at the heal and toe area. 

9. Turn the stocking RIGHT side out. Press the stocking, and set aside.

10. Cut out two strips of felt 1" x 5".

11. Place them one on top of the other and sew 1/8" along the two long edges (sorry I don't have a picture of this). These strips are for the loop to hang your stocking. Set this aside.

12. Take out your lining fabric. Fold the fabric so that the RIGHT sides are together. Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut out 2 stocking linings. 

13. Un-pin the pattern and re-pin the linings RIGHT sides together. Sew a 1/4" seam around the edge. Leave the top edge un-sewn. Clip small triangles around the curved sides of the lining, such as at the heal and toe area. 

14. Do not turn the lining RIGHT side out. Instead, fold down the top edge about 1/2" and press with an iron.

15. Put the lining inside your stocking. Line up the seams. The top of the lining should be about 1/2" down from the top of the stocking. Fold over the top of the felt, and pin.

16. Sew 1/8" along the top edge of the felt to secure the lining and finish the edge. 

17. Take the 1" x 5" strip that you sewed earlier. Fold it in half. Pin it to the back seam of your stocking. Sew to secure.

18. Now enjoy your handy work!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and have fun crafting!